Dec 6, 2011

A Story of Infertility

Today I'm sharing a story of infertility.  Our dear friends Brandon and Krystal have been trying to conceive for about 5 years and have been through a lot.  My hubby Ryan has know Brandon since diapers, they have grown up together and were great friends and still are.  Brandon and Krystal were high school sweet hearts and married in 2005.  I met Krystal in December 2002 and over the years we became great friends.  I'm so lucky to be able to say Krystal is a very dear friend, to be honest she is  like a sister to me, that sister I never had.  I had asked Krystal to share her struggles with you here on my blog and I'm honored to have her share her story!

This journey of infertility started in 2006.  After a few routine check ups I was referred to a specialist when my family doctor was unable to find anything wrong.  Little did I know my specialist and I would be spending a lot of time together over the next few years.  
We started out with a simple process called monitoring.  Sounds easy enough but it was a BIG pain in the butt.  Lots of early morning trips to the city for ultrasounds and blood work.  Anyone who knows me well knows needles and I don't get along.  I had to start getting someone to drive me to my appointments as passing out became a regular occurrence at every visit.  Thankfully I had family members and friends that started to take the trip with me.  I have spent countless hours in waiting rooms wondering what was wrong with me and to this day still don't really have any answers.

After a few failed months of monitoring they decided to monitor and medicate.  I thought "Sure I'll take some medication if that means I'll get pregnant!" I was excited to get things rolling.  Month after month of being sick, loosing weight and continuing my early mornings trips to the city there was still nothing.  They decided to do a dye test which checks to see if anything is blocked.  I was free and clear.  So they figured I would be a good candidate for a procedure called an intra-uterine insemination.  I'll let you figure out what that is on your own.  It's a process that timing is key.  Lots of needles, ultrasounds and days off work.  I had four of these done.  It's not an invasive procedure but it still causes a lot of discomfort.  With each of these procedures came different types of medication, different reactions and different protocols.  I actually got quite good at getting needles which was a good thing since this was only the beginning. 
The next step was surgery called "laparoscopy", again I won't go into detail but all you need to know is they found nothing wrong.  This was getting frustrating as all I wanted were some answers.  Even if they weren't good ones, I just wanted to know why I couldn't get pregnant.  We decided to try a couple more months of medication and monitoring as we were informed that sometimes things can work properly after this surgery is performed.  Unfortunately, it still didn't work for us.  We decided to explore other options and were referred to an invitro clinic.  We met with our new doctor in July 2010 after waiting 5 hours to see him.  Once again I was pocked and prodded but this time given hope that I hadn't had before.  This high in demand doctor said he was almost positive this would work for me and I believed him.  So far there was nothing wrong so how could this not work... that's what I thought!  We decided to go ahead with invitro and started right away.  I never thought it would be an easy process but I had no idea what we were up against. 

This is a list of what we had to do to prepare my body for this procedure.  We learned how to mix medication and Brandon learned how to administer needles. 

This is what we went through in 2010:

July 22nd - Blood work /ultrasound 
July 23rd - Blood work/ultrasound and started birth control 
July 30th - Started Lupron injections (Brandon had to give me these injections) 
August 4th - Blood work/ultrasound 
August 5th - Blood work/ultrasound 
August 6th - Started Gonal F and Repronex injections (Brandon give me these injections too) 
August 9th - Blood work/ultrasound
August 11th - Blood work/ultrasound  
August 12th - Blood work/ultrasound  
August 14th - Blood work/ultrasound 
August 15th - Blood work/ultrasound  
August 17th - Retrieval 
August 20th - Transfer 
Sept 2nd - WE'RE PREGNANT 
Sept 9th - Miscarriage

We went through this again and it worked once again 
October 7th - WE'RE PREGNANT
October 23rd - Miscariage

We figured third times a charm but this one didn't work at all 

November 25th Transfer 
December 9th Negative pregnancy test

We were so discouraged we couldn't understand why this was happening to us.  After a lot of consideration we decided to look into other options and started to strongly consider adoption.  We prayed and prayed and finally felt peace in pursuing this option.  We completed our adoption profile and submitted it to a couple of private adoption agencies, a lawyer that specializes in adoption and we also submitted our profile to the local Child Protection Services.  We knew the adoption process would be difficult but the things that worried us most was that we didn't have the finances to afford adoption.  We turned to our friends and family and had an Adoption Fundraiser.  We had such a great turn out, we were so blessed, so many people came to support our dream of starting our family and bringing a child into our home.  Many friends, family and local business donated items for us to auction and that is how we raised over our goal of $10 000.
After having our adoption profile out for consideration we hadn't really heard anything.  We were told there weren't as many people wanting to place their unborn child up for adoption so there could be a long waiting process.  

We tried invitro one more time in July 2011 and again no luck :-(

We continue to wait patiently for the day we are blessed with a child in our lives whether it's through adoption or if I get pregnancy...... I just can't wait to be a mom!

I am glad to be able to support Brandon and Krystal through this process and I continue to pray for peace and a healthy child to bless these wonderful friends.

Brandon and Krystal does not have a blog but if you have a message or story you'd like to share with Brandon Krystal I'd be happy to pass it on to them.  Let's bless them with our words of kindness and support!


  1. wow beautiful, and real story. tell them thanks for sharing. I know that their obedience and patience will be rewarded, however that looks. I am adopted myself and am always touched by people who pursue, or even consider that option... it is truly the biggest gift in my life. Prayers and blessings to them and to you today friend...tell Krystal thanks for sharing her heart and being so vulnerable - I know others will be blessed by this today.

  2. wow. so extremely brave of them to share their story. . . but also so important to share to bring light to this dark and mysterious realm of infertility. can't wait to hear about their future as parents, whether it is through adoption or through pregnancy!

  3. Such a courageous story! Thank you so much for sharing this- really puts Christmas into perspective. Wishing for a baby to come to them :)

  4. God Bless you!!!!!!

  5. praying and praying for your friends. xoxo

  6. I think infertility would be one of the hardest things to ever have to go through. As a new mom myself, my heart breaks for them because having my daughter is amazing and I think everyone who wants to be able to experience that should be able to. I am praying for them! I hope their dreams come true soon!

  7. Thank you for sharing their story and please tell them to keep the faith. I just know that they WILL be parents, whether it's through pregnancy or adoption. I went through a very similar experience: it took us more than 6 years and some very tough losses before we had our son, who's now 5. Tell them "sleep now, and enjoy it!"...very soon they'll have a little one of their own to keep them awake nights! ;)

  8. I am honored to be Krystal's Mom. Christina, I can't thank you enough for helping to get Brandon & Krystal's story, "out there". We as a family have walked alongside them on this journey, being there in any way we can. We have watched them as a couple become stronger through this trial.
    It has been amazing to see how they have continued to celebrate the blessing of children in the lives of many family & friends. I truly believe the Lord will honor their beautiful hearts. We are hanging onto the hope that one day soon their miracle will happen. We will continue on this journey with them hoping they feel our love & support along the way. God's Timing is always perfect I am told, so for that we wait!!!

  9. I love you guys. And I keep you in my thoughts a lot! I wish you guys the best. I love you cos!


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