Jan 9, 2012

How To Build a Blog You Truly Love

I am such a lucky girl, my awesome husband, Ryan got me the most amazing gifts for Christmas.

I often share my hopes and dreams with Ryan, I know he listens but he REALLY listens!  I was definitely spoiled this Christmas I got a lovely new winter jacket and a filing cabinet (it's been on my wish list for a LONG time) to organize our bills but also my craft papers and stuff.  I got these two gifts on Christmas "under the tree".  It was a few days later I arrived home from work and Ryan said he had another surprise for me.  I had no idea what he was talking about.  He said that it was another Christmas gift but Santa forgot it in the North Pole and had to mail it so it was a little late... LOL he's so cute.  I opened the package that arrived in the mail and it was a gift certificate for an e-course I had been hoping to take for a long time.  It's the e-course offered by Liv over at LivLane called "How To Build A Blog You Truly Love", I was super excited like, over the moon, do a happy dance, excited!  
I was shocked....I had spoken about this e-course once and flagged on my favorites tab at the top of my internet browser thinking I may have the opportunity to take it sometime down the road.  I had no idea that hubby had written the title of the e-course in his phone (when I thought he wasn't listening) and went hunting for it a few days later to enroll me in the course.  He said it was a great way to start a new year and he just had to get it for me after seeing how excited I was about the content and contributors.  
The course starts today, I can't wait to run over to the site to see the material for the first day and get started.  I am sure there is going to be a ton of information to digest but I can't wait to start applying what I learn in this course to my blog.  

If you haven't signed up and are interested there is still time to register, registration is open until 
January 20th.  

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  1. What an awesome gift Christina, I will be watching for changes here on your blog. A very thoughtful gift, high-five for hubby.


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