Jan 30, 2012

Snow Days

It's late January and we are finally getting some snow.  I'm not snow's biggest fan but I can't complain this year.  Here in Ontario, Canada we normally get our first snow fall in October and by late November we are in the full swing of winter.  This year has been a bit of a surprise... we haven't really had much snow at all, we have probably shoveled twice and only because we didn't look at the long range forecast to realize it was going to melt the next day.  I have enjoyed the mild weather and the lack of snow it is a welcomed change in my opinion. 

Over the weekend we have received a bit of snow, ok it's a significant amount of snow, but I'm not willing to admit it yet.  I am quietly hoping it won't last long but I'm definitely enjoy winter's beauty while it's here.  Although I am not a fan of the cold, the slippery roads, and shoveling I have to admit there is nothing like the beauty of a fresh snow fall, it's so pure, so calm and peaceful.  I love waking up in the morning before the world gets busy to watch the snowflakes slowly dance their way to the ground where they find a perfect spot.  
I love when Hiccups goes out in the fresh snow, it puts a big smile on my face when I see her playing in the snow.  She loves the snow and gallops around with so much joy and excitement.  
  I love little puppy paw prints in fresh snow, so precious.

Even though winter isn't my favorite time of year I've been able to find beauty in the little things.    

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  1. I'm in Southern Ontario and you're right in that this winter has been so odd. My wheaten looooves the snow and was overjoyed yesterday that it finally snowed a lot. haha He spent a lot of time madly running around in circles, tunnelling, and hopping around in the snow.

    Hiccups is so adorable, btw. :)


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