Jan 23, 2012

What's in a Name

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I am taking part in an online e-course called How to Build a Blog You Truly Love by Liv Lane.  I am REALLY enjoying the course it is really pushing me to think outside my comfort zone, in a healthy positive way, in a way that helps me grow personally and grow this blog I love.

I have completed two of six weeks and I have had a few AHA! moments but they are followed by confusion, frustration or indecision.  It's all par for the course I suppose, but I don't think I was prepared for it...I thought the course would give me information about how I could build a better blog with some superficial quick fix remedy but the course is way deeper then that!  There is a lot of good practical information but there is also some great exercises to do some reflecting, soul searching, and self discovery.

While I have been working through the material in the course I found myself stopping to think a lot about this question "What's in a name?".  I got to thinking about my name... how did my parents pick my name?  Was Christina just a name they liked or was there another reason behind it?  I asked my mom about this and she told me that before I was born they had three names picked out Niki, Christina and Bianca.  My mom told me that when they saw me they knew Christina was the perfect name for me.  My mom then went on to tell me that they really didn't want to name me Niki because they didn't want to name me after anyone in the family and by naming me Niki they would be doing that.  Bianca was really not a crowd pleaser although my parents both liked the name my dad had dated a Bianca before marrying my mom....that would've been weird!

I continue to reflect on the question "what's in a name?" but I have realized that there is a lot of importance in a name, so much so that God named all the stars in the universe (Psalm 147:4)  This decision, that some take so lightly, of naming a new baby has more importance then we know, but regardless of that name God knows each and every one of use by name and that, to me is exciting!

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  1. Very interesting. This made me think of why I chose the name for my blog.
    It's a play on my name and the old joy of cooking cookbook. I remember my mothers old copy from when I was a child.
    Thanks for the little memory trigger Christina.


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