Feb 8, 2012

2012 Blogging Party - Part 2

Last week I shared a post about the 2012 Blogging Party I signed up to be a part of.  I sent my gift to my partner Kiri who blogs over at My Lovely Life and she sent me a gift too.  When I posted about this last week my gift hadn't arrived from Kiri.  Living in Canada has it's disadvantages at times... postal service from the States is slow!

I was so excited yesterday when I went to the mailbox and saw the package waiting for me, I couldn't wait to get home and rip it open.

This is what I found!
Kiri sent an awesome gift! She sent me supplies to make my very own "I love you because...." message board.  When I saw it I couldn't help but laugh a little, it was just so fitting because a few days ago I pinned this idea on Pinterest.
Here's a better look at the items Kiri sent in my package.  She sent a ton of great stuff, I love the papers, they are perfect I am loving the sheet music.  She also sent some chipboard letters, 'C' for Christina or my last name's initial too.  When I opened the package I thought it came from a long time friend cause she sent a little bling too!  Oh and I forgot about the beautiful little flower clip perfect for my hair or to add to an outfit as an accessory.  
I can't wait to put this together so I can start using it with my hubby.  I think it's so important to tell him how much I love him and appreciate him but to be honest I know I don't do it enough.

Thanks Kiri the gift is perfect!


  1. That's a really neat and thoughtful gift!

  2. So glad it finally arrived and I'm so happy you liked it :)


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