Feb 23, 2012

Creative Organization

A few weeks ago I shared that I'm an Organization Freak... it's true people it probably doesn't come as a surprise to those that know me even a bit, I am happy when things are organized so it's only natural for me to seek inspiration for organization ideas.  

I have to admit there is one area in my house that I find difficult to organize and that's my creative space.  I think organization in creative spaces needs to be practical, accessible and visually appealing.  Finding balance in these areas isn't always easy when it comes to creative spaces.  When I have taken the time to organize my creative space I never seem to be able to get the practical and accessible but I seem to miss the mark when it comes to visual appeal and sometimes that's what causes creative block.
I have always loved the idea of these towers,  they are great for keeping small items and supplies right at your finger tips.  It would such a shame to have to hit all these pretty colors in a cabinet sucked away behind closed doors.
I love these little storage shelves and drawers they are great to keep small items like beads, embellishments and small tools.  Storage likes this is not only functional it's pretty to look at.  

Let me be honest, my little creative space does NOT have cute organization likes these ideas I've shared today but that's ok, a girl can dream right?  Even though there are a ton of cool ideas out there we all work differently when we are creating, so I encourage you look to others for ideas then tweek it so it's perfect for you and your creative process.  Remember to have fun and enjoy the creating! 


  1. oh my word, organizational things are one of my weaknesses with spending!!! it's easier to justify if it's something useful, right?! I love imagining the perfectly organized life, and it makes me so happy to make progress in it in whatever way I can =)

  2. Beautiful - and practical - ideas! My space is not exactly as I want it to be either but, like you, I dream of the day it will be!


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