Feb 29, 2012

A Splash of Color

Color is everywhere we look, color inspiration is all around.  I have to say even though there is color inspiration around every corner there are times when I am sitting down to create and I can't figure out a color scheme.  I use to rack my brain trying to come up with a unique color scheme but over the years I've come to realize there's a better way!  Sure we can come up with color combinations in our heads but inspiration is actually all around us.  Think about it.  Look around your own home maybe it's your favorite chair and the warm blankets you have tossed there to keep you warm on those cold winter nights.
Or maybe your busy doing house work while your kids are playing in the yard and you take a minute to check in on them you look out the window and see them playing in the yard having a blast on the swing.
Whatever it is you see look further, look beyond what your eye gravitates to, look at the colors.  Sometimes life passes by so quickly we forget to slow down and 'smell the roses' and enjoy the moments but it's not only the moments we need to enjoy we also need to enjoy the color and the inspiration around us everyday.  There are so many colors in these pictures that we wouldn't normally see if we weren't taking the time to look for them and find them.  

Next time you are struggling for color inspiration whether you are decorating a room in your house or working on a creative project look for the inspiration around and be inspired by the color schemes right under your nose.    

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  1. stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to leave you a little blog luv! Def enjoyed reading this post!! very very cute pics you shared



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