Feb 6, 2012

That Wasn't The Plan

Hi friends, 

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days, things have been a little crazy around here.  I've been fighting off some sort of bug for about a week and was finding myself needing some extra sleep in order to stay healthy.  Once I started to feel back to 'normal' hubby came down with the flu....it wasn't pretty!  I was a little busy trying to stay away from hubby in an effort not to get sick myself but also trying to tend to my sick man!

Thankfully, hubby was feeling better on Saturday because we had plans to meet up with some friends  and visit family for our nephew's dedication at church out of town.  So with both of us feeling better we drove out of town for an overnight visit and then back home late yesterday evening.  

All that to say.... I haven't been around on my blog too much, I hope to be back on track.

I thought I'd leave you with a very funny picture of our dog Hiccups....I don't think I could have ever taken this picture if I was trying, it was a total fluke, but ever time I see it, it cracks me up!  

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