Mar 5, 2012

Cooking Up A Storm!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend full or fun, friends, family and relaxation.  This weekend Hubby and I didn't have too much planned.  On Friday evening I had a couple of appointments and hubby went to see a movie with friends but Saturday and Sunday we were totally free.

I have to say that I really LOVE waking up next to my Hubby on the weekends, after 5 years of Hubby working early morning weekend shifts I will never take that for granted.  We started off our day on Saturday with a yummy breakfast and then later in the afternoon, after getting off to a slow start, we went to the mall and did some shopping.

On Sunday Hubby and I had some big plans.  We went to church and then headed to the grocery store, this week was different then our normal grocery store visit, we ended up getting loads of extra food.
We returned home and got cooking.  We had so much fun! And obviously that meant wearing our favorite aprons... Don't you love that Bear Naked Chef?  hee hee!  It so suits him I have to say!
Making food means we need to do some preparation.  If you know me at all you know this is a rare sight... me in the kitchen holding a knife and smiling... Oh and I'm not posing I'm actually working hard and being led by the Bear Naked Chef.  Hubby was so patient with me, he is a great teacher and he made it fun and enjoyable! (especially for someone who hates cooking)  
So I'm not a speedy chopper, actually I'm REALLY REALLY slow I want to make sure I leave with all my digits intact.  Thankfully Hubby is a speedy chopper and was able to get things done way faster then I could have.  I did what I could and he just sped up the process.  
We ended up making stuff peppers, lasagna, chicken noodle soup and cabbage rolls.  I was in charge of the lasagna, Hubby loves my lasagna and he left it all to me and I was ok with that.   
Hubby was so excited I was making lasagna but he was so sad because he wouldn't get to enjoy them, I don't make lasagna all that often even though Hubby asks for it often.  We thought we had enough to prepare two lasagna's but in the end we had enough to make a third so hubby got his very own lasagna, he was a very happy man.  What's that saying... the way to a man's heart is through his tummy... well it works!  
After preparing all the different meals and packing them away it was time to clean.  If it was up to me I would have left the mess and dreaded the clean up for hours and maybe even days.  Thank goodness Hubby motivated me and once we got started it just felt so good to get it done I just kept going!  I was in the ZONE!
You may be wondering why we were making all this food, well we decided to prepare a few meals for our friends, they just welcomed baby number 5 into their family and we thought this would a nice way to help.

After preparing all this food and realizing how much can get done in such a short period of time, we are throwing around the idea of doing this every week.  We can prepare 3-5 meals in a few hours on the weekend and have all our lunches and dinner prepared for the week.  If this is something we are thinking but I have to say I had lots of fun and I really enjoyed being in the kitchen working with my hubby I may even go as far to I enjoyed cooking!


  1. That is so sweet of you guys..your friends will be so blessed! Wish I enjoyed cooking more!

  2. This looks super fun actually. I'm always cooking alone, but I'd love it my husband joined in. So sweet.

  3. Good luck with everything, the picture of you and the lasagna really gives your news away. Congrats, life
    is much different with a little one around! When are you due?

    1. Hey Barb thanks for your sweet comment but we are not expecting a baby... I guess that apron really doesn't flatter my figure hee hee :-)


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