Mar 13, 2012

Never Stop Learning

Have you ever had an idea pop into you head and then shortly after you think "I wish I knew how to do that" or "If I only knew how to ...."  Guess what, you can learn!  The world is limitless if you are willing to open up and step out of your comfort zone.  You are never going to grow as a person and learn new things if you just stay where you are now!
Since starting this blog I have learnt so much, I haven't even been able to apply all of what I have learnt to my blog.  The great thing about learning is even though you think you are learning about something specific, you are learning other things along the way like new things about yourself... un-tapped talents maybe?  

There is so many cool things to learn and so many people willing to teach and share their knowledge and even sometimes for free!  I truly believe in life long learning.  I don't know if you had asked me 10 years ago I would have said that but now, as an adult out of school for almost 6 years, I realize there is lots to learn.  I like to think that every day I'm learning something new is a great day! 
When I have an idea in my mind and I want to learn something new there are a couple of ways I go about it.  Often times I will do a quick 'google' search check out some of the websites and blogs that pop up, I check for video's on what I am wanting to learn (as a visual learning this is often very helpful for me), I go to the library or book store and with a latté in hand and spend some time in the aisles and last but not least I talk to people who may have more knowledge on the particular topic.  Did you notice that all those options are free, ok except latté and if you choose to purchase a book at the store.  

There are other ways you can learn too, like taking a class at a local studio or college.  You can also learn a lot through e-courses and other online learning communities like forums.  These option normally have a fee associated with them but hey if you are really interested in learning something and have learnt a little through the free options spending a few bucks won't kill ya!

What do you do when you want to learn something new?  Do you have any books or resources you'd recommend to a friend?  

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