Mar 19, 2012

We're On Holiday!

Since hubby's last day of work was on Friday and he doesn't start school until April 2 we decided this would be a prefect opportunity to take a couple of weeks off just to relax.  We have been planning this time off for some time and throwing a number of ideas around.  We considered going on a cruise, maybe to a Caribbean resort or renting a cottage or condo some where warm.  We talked about a number of these different options but nothing seemed right.  We kept running into problems like the trips were too expensive, especially since were were going to be living on one income for a few months, or the days just didn't work out.  

One day I was checking my Facebook feed and saw some pictures of our dear friends Brent and Joy who we met when we first moved to Kitchener, they quickly became like family.   Brent and Joy moved from Ontario to New Brunswick just a little under a year ago and when I saw their pictures on Facebook I just missed them so much.  I mentioned it to hubby that maybe instead of going somewhere warm we should go visit them in Fredericton New Brunswick, that's when things started to fall in place.  Crazy right, we were planning on going to a warm tropical destination and we ended up deciding to visit great friends in Canada.  
We arrived in Fredericton on Saturday and are super excited to hang out with friends and do things with their family.  It's a different vacation then what we would normally plan but we are having a blast!!!  I am so happy we came out here I have missed by friends Brent and Joy and their kids Jacob, Joel and Paige, they are so awesome and have grown so much since we last saw them.  We have some fun activities planned for the week and I am really looking forward to the memories we will create together.     

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