Apr 16, 2012

A Blast from the Past

What a great weekend, I hope you had a great weekend too!  I can't remember the last time Ryan and I had a weekend where we had no commitments and very little on the 'to do' list, we found ourselves with a load of free time and not much to do.  It was a welcomed change from our normal busy, busy running around. We filled our time with things we love, creating, gaming, friends, and reading just to name a few.

We had lots of really great chats about nothing important.  One of the topics of discussion was childhood, we have always known that we grew up differently but throughout the weekend we realized how different our childhoods really were.  Ryan would reminisce about cartoons, and TV shows he watched growing up and I had no idea what he was talking about.  To be honest I didn't watch much TV as a child, I was busy doing things like dance class and piano lessons.  We laughed about different music and songs we remembered from our childhood and we talked about some of the books we loved as children.

I remember a lot of the books I use to read as a young child.  I never was much of a reader but there are definitely some books that stick out in my mind.  Maybe you remember some of these books from your childhood or maybe you read them to your children now.  The one thing I love about books is they never seem to get old or go out of style.

Ok so I would probably call some of these books 'vintage' only because I think they were around well before I was born but I may be wrong.
Paddington Bear
I can even remember having a little stuffed Paddington Bear toy that I loved and cherished.  I know this book has evolved over time but I still think it is super cute with a great story line.
Peter Rabbit
I had a collection of Peter Rabbit books, I remember how small they were but totally appreciated the detail that went into the illustrations in these books.  If I am not mistaken it is the 110th Birthday of Petter Rabbit this year, that's something to celebrate.

Another book I loved as a child was 'I Love You Forever' by Robert Munsch.  Robert Muncsh wrote a number of awesome books a pile of which were among my favorites as a kiddo.  Some of the other books I loved written by Robert Munsch were 'The Paper Bag Princess', 'Thomas' Snowsuit', 'Murmel, Murmel, Murmel' and 'I Have To Go'.
Love You Forever
I love taking time to reminisce and take a little blast from the past!  I'd love to hear about your childhood memories, was there a book you remember loving as a child?  Do you read those books to your children now?  I don't have children but I have kept these books so if the day comes that we have a little one running around I can share a part of my childhood with them.


  1. The books I remember loving from when I was little was "The Giving Tree" by Shel Silverstein and "Oobleck" from Dr. Seuss! Classics :)

    1. Gotta love the classics! I have to admit I have never heard of either of these books. I'll have to check them out thanks for sharing!

  2. Love You Forever was and still is one of my favorite children's books.

    1. Love you Forever is great it's as a book for children to learn about a parents love for them but it is hopeful as parents to think that one day our adult children will be caring for us.

  3. thanks for reminding me of paddington bear! i loved him so much! and still do somehow :)

  4. OMG I just got a little teary eyed seeing the cover of "I Love You Forever"-- such a great book! Thanks for linking up, gorgeous! xo

  5. I don't remember "Love You Forever" from when I was a kid, but I read that to my daughter now. It makes me tear up every time because we sing the little song together. I do think, however, that the mother in that book ages very poorly -- perhaps it's all the stalking she does.

    Anyway, love the post!


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