Apr 10, 2012

Take a Hint Listen to Your Body

Have you ever felt like your body has been trying to tell you something?  Do you ever feel like there is so much that needs to get done but your body is slowing your down?  Well that was me a few weeks ago I was busy, I had a 'to do' list up to my eye ball.  I had to get things done at home before leaving on vacation and I had to wrap things up at work.  I felt a little bit like a robot I was just doing the action without any thought behind it, I felt like I was working against the grain, everything took so much energy out of me.  Looking back on it now I realize my body was trying to tell me to slow down and rest but I didn't have to time to listen to my body.  Crazy right?
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After running around like a crazy person and not listening to my body it was no surprise that I landed myself sick.  At first I thought is was just a cold, no big deal, normally colds only last a few days for me but this one was something fierce and knocked me on my butt.  Not only did I have a runny nose from the cold I had flu like symptoms; chills, achy body you know the whole gamut.  On top of that I had an ear infect and a sinus infection...yup I told you it was no ordinary cold!  I spent a lot of time just laying on the couch watching TV between cat naps.  It took 10 days for me to feel some what better and it's still lingering...yuck!

Lesson Learnt - learn to listen to my body, it may just be the best way to stay healthy. Life can get busy but if you don't take care of yourself you won't be able to do all those important things.  Sometimes we just have to let things on our 'to do' list go so we can stay strong and healthy.    

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