May 22, 2012

Buon Viaggio!

A few days ago my parents took off for a nice long trip to Italy.  They have been talking about this trip for about a year now and have been getting information and planning for just as long.  I wasn't sure if the trip was was actually going to happen at first but as things started to come together and the plans became a reality I started to really get excited for them.
Venice, Italy
You see, my parents came to Canada from Italy as children with their families, their parents and extended family worked very hard to make a good life for themselves here.  Since coming to Canada as children my mom has only been back to Italy once.  When I was about 9 years old my mom and I travelled through Italy visiting family and exploring the beautiful country.  Because of work my dad wasn't able to join us, that means my father hasn't been back to Italy since he left as a young boy, I think it's safe to say he's been in Canada for at least 55 years and he hasn't returned to Italy once.

I remember growing up and asking my dad if he wanted to go back to Italy or even when my mom and I went he never really seemed interested in going back even for a vacation.  Finally both my mom and dad will get the opportunity to go back to the county where they were born, spend some time in the village where they grew up, connect with family they haven't seen in years and they will get to tour around the country admiring it's beauty.

I'm so excited for my parents to take this trip, they are joined by dear friends John and Linda, together they will all enjoy a guided tour.  Once the guided tour is over they will enjoy some time together exploring on their own.  John and Linda will be returning home and my parents will stay on for a few more weeks visiting family and doing a bit more touring on their own.
My Mom and Dad taking part in the festivities at Italian Week Ottawa last year
I hope they have a wonderful time, they deserve the time away.  I hope they have an opportunity to relax and enjoy the journey while taking in as much as physically possible.  As much as I wish I could be there with them I know that one day hubby and I will be able to travel to Europe and we will make our own memories, it will be funnier though because unlike my parents hubby and I can't speak Italian.

I can't wait to hear all about their adventure when they get back but for now, Buon Viaggio!!! (have a good trip).


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