May 16, 2012

Live to Learn

I believe that as a healthy individual we need to live every day in hopes of learning something new.  When I wake up in the morning I look forward to the day ahead the lessons I will learn, the experience I will face and how they will impact me to grow and change.  I wrote a post a few months ago, never stop learning.  Since writing that post I realized that not only do we learn by taking information in and seeking information to better ourselves but we also learn through our day to day life experiences, things we don't plan for, things that just happen.
If we go through life thinking we know everything there is to learn we are missing out on a ton of awesome opportunities.  The thing about learning through living is, there is no one there pointing out the life lesson with big neon signs, highlighters or bold font.  Things happen in our day to day life, we experience circumstances, and embrace moments... it is up to us to slow down and reflect on the day and the lessons we may have learnt.  Think about it... it may be something you heard someone say, an emotion driven reaction, something you experienced positively or negatively, or maybe even something you saw.
We need to open our eyes and our hearts to learn and we need to embrace the idea of living to learn.  As much as I try to implement this to my day to day life it isn't always easy to slow down and reflect on all the lessons that I've learnt throughout the day.  Being conscious of the learning opportunities is the most important thing because if you are not conscious of the opportunity you won't learn anything even if it smacks you in the face :-)

Have you ever learnt something today just by living life?

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