May 18, 2012

The Power of Surrender...Not Control

A number of people have told me recently that I need to surrender, surrender my worries, stress, fears....I just need to surrender.  I was 'hearing' the words that were being spoken into my life by people around me who love me, care about me and want nothing but the best for me but, I wasn't really embracing what they were saying.  The words been spoken to me, I have heard them but that's all they were...WORDS.  I would say something like "Ya you're right I know I should, but it's not easy" and that would be the end of the conversation.
After hearing the message to surrender a few times and it finally started to sink in. I finally started to realize that my friends were telling me something very important and I was brushing it off as if it was no big deal.  After thinking about it I realized there was something very powerful and important about what they were telling me and it was something I needed to hear.  I not only needed to hear it I needed to embrace it and apply it to my life.

Here's the thing....I like to be in control!  I like everything to be planned, I like to know how things are going to happened, who's going to do what, when things are going to get done.... I feel safe when I have a plan.  We all know that's not always possible, things happen, life happens... not everything can be meticulously planned out and if I expect that in life it will cause me a lot of undue stress and anxiety.

"He who trusts in himself is a fool, but he who walks in wisdom is kept safe"
Proverbs 28:26

I now realize that I need to surrender worries, stresses, fears, etc.  I need to give up control and surrender to Him!  As much as I realize the importance of surrender, and I remind myself multiple times a day to surrender to Him, I've gotta be honest, it's not easy!  This surrendering thing, trusting Him and having to relay on faith is 'new' to me.  Having lived all my life up to this point thinking that I needed to control everything and I was responsible for my destiny, it's difficult to flick the switch and change, but I strive to surrender my life to Him daily... well actually multiple times a day I find myself saying "just surrender it to Him, I can't control this".  It is so freeing knowing that He has a plan for me.
I'm excited to see how surrendering control over my life to Him changes me and my life.  I'd also love to hear from you.  Are you like me, do you like to be in control of circumstances in your life?  How do you remind your self to surrender and trust in Him?


  1. What a beautiful narrative - thank you for sharing.

  2. ah i have a very similar struggle with surrendering... it's hard! thanks for the inspiration. found you via the wiegands xo


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