May 7, 2012

A Whole Lotta Stuff!

I have admitted before that I am a bit of an organization freak and that's true I like things to be organized.  I like things to have their place and when they aren't in their proper place of if they don't have a place I get unsettled.  With that said I have to be honest... my home isn't always tidy and organized, I know gasp... but it's true.  Although most of my friends and family believe that I always have a clean and organized how they don't see what I do before they arrive.  When I'm not expecting company and just living life I can get a little messy and accumulate stuff.
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I have neat piles around the house and I have done that since I was a child my mom used to call them my neat messes LOL.  I have a pile of clothes beside my bed of different clothes and accessories and Ryan always asks why I don't put them away my answer is "that's where I know where they are" oops.  There are some other messes that I have tucked away in spots that people can't see like the filing cabinet, the linen closet.  Those messes are a result of me saying something like "Oh I will put this here for now and I will get to it later" and then I don't get to it and it just keeps accumulating until well it causes me some stress.  Yes it's true when there are to many little messes I get stressed and get a itch to de-clutter, organize and sort!

It's only about 2 to 3 times per year I start to feel that stress  or need to de-clutter and when that happens I go a little crazy, I plan and organize my organization hee hee, that's just who I am, what can I say!  Once I have a plan in place and have a strategy and I work through every room of our house.  I get rid of things we don't use or things that have been accumulating over time and I clean and organize my neat messes.

Once I have cleaned out my stuff it always feels great, going through everything, getting rid of things, cleaning and taking inventory of what we have makes me so happy, it feels so good!  It often surprises me how much STUFF we accumulate, stuff we don't necessarily need.  It always surprises me and I always find myself saying "WOW, We have a whole lotta stuff"

How do you deal with the accumulation of stuff?


  1. Whenever we move, I always get that overwhelming sense of "all this stuff!". I always want to be better organized!

  2. I can relate! I try to get rid of a few unnecessary things every day. And when it gets too bad, I spend a day de-cluttering.
    Catherine Denton

  3. Every few months I get fed up with all the "stuff" we have and go on a huge purge and donate a lot to local charities. And I like to keep colour coordinated labeled bins in the attic with off season clothing and baby clothes so that when the season changes or the kids grow in or out of clothes they are easy to take out or put away. But at least they are out of site in the attic! I love things to look as uncluttered as possible, clutter makes me aggravated and sleepy. Weird but true.

  4. Here's how I see it: The funny thing is, it's not that hard to get/stay clean/organized. In fact, it's the opposite- being UNclean/organized is way harder. Know what I mean?


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