Aug 22, 2012

A Little Fur Ball

It’s been a while since I’ve written about our precious little fur ball Hiccups.  I never had a family dog growing up, Hiccups is my first ever family pet.  Ok that’s not entirely true, I did have a gold fish for a while.  Hiccups has been in our family for just over 2 years, I can’t believe how fast time flies!
Hiccups loves playing with her toys
Hiccups has brought a lot of joy and happiness to our home.  I mean, we were happy before she was part of our family, but she's just full of so much love and is such an important part of our little family.  I really had no idea what people were talking about when they said they loved their family dog, or when people said their dog was a family member but now that we have a little fur baby of our own I get it! 

It doesn’t matter how bad our day might have been at work, or how grumpy we are for whatever reason or even how sick we might be she is always right there beside us wagging her tale making us feel so unbelievably special.  I don’t know what it is about her, she’s definitely got a little personality, and she always knows how to make us smile.  I couldn’t imagine life without her. 
Hiccups love her watermelon
 Do you have a family pet that you love beyond words?  I’d loved to hear about the fur babies in your life take a minute and share a story with me in the comments.


  1. So true about the furry animals in our lives. We have come to love and appreciate our Bailey even when her temperamental side comes out.

  2. Totally looks just like my boys Monte and Roscoe! Pets are the best!


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