Jan 28, 2013

Overcome the Lie - Understanding His Word

This week I'm taking part in a social media campaign called Overcome the Lie which is being put on by Ashley from The Story Project in partnership with Lionhart.  The campaign runs all week Jan 28 to Feb 1.  Join in and link up on the Synchro-Blog all week or tag along at the twitter party Wednesday January 30 at 8pm EST.  Let's speak God's truth in the enemy's lies this week and build each other up.   

I didn't have the opportunity to grow up in a Christian home so every time I went to read the Bible or would have Bible focused conversations I found myself feeling inferior.  I was totally intimidated by the Bible and to be honest I still struggle with this.  I mean, I’m not a big fan of reading in the first place, if you find me sitting down to spend time reading the newest craze at the bookstore you better check my temperature cause something’s seriously wrong.  I do enjoy reading short articles which is why I follow so many bloggers but when there are more then a few pages worth of dialogue that needs to be read I try an avoid it if I can.  It doesn’t help that I have a learning disability that makes reading a struggle, comprehending what it is that I’m reading if often a challenge.   I have struggled for years with how large the Bible is, I’ve told myself there is no way I would ever read the whole thing, and to be honest I haven’t yet done that.  So it’s not only the physical Bible that I am intimidated by, but also people who seem to have extensive knowledge of the Bible and it’s content also intimidate me.
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I felt like I couldn't read the words in the Bible and understand the message in which He intended them to portray.  This is still a challenge for me to this day but I recently realized that this is a lie.  A lie strategically placed by the enemy.  A lie that that tells me I can’t understand, I won’t benefit from reading His word, I am just not smart enough to grasp the complex teaching of the Bible without someone like a pastor ‘spelling it out for me’.    

Since I have been more engaged in community both online at ‘She Reads Truth’ and offline at the Church we attend I have approached the Bible with a whole new attitude.  I am finding more and more that when I open to Word of God to read I find wisdom, new meaning to life, I feel alive, encouraged and loved.  What I realized is if I don't spend time in His Word I will never grow or understand. 

I am not perfect by any means and this is an area that I know I still need a lot of work in.  After praying about this and realizing the importance of the Word, I knew I needed to come up with some practical steps to help battle the lies.  Here are 5 simple steps that have helped me overcome the enemy’s lies and actually get into the Bible.

    1. Pray – Before I even open my Bible I pray in hopes to prepare my soul and open my ears and heart to His gentle whisper through the scriptures  
    2. Select a passage to read – I often follow a Bible study through She Reads Truth, which directs me to read a manageable piece of scripture.  Sometimes I just feel lead to read something different and if that’s the case I do.  One thing I always keep in mind is the length of the piece of scripture, if it’s too long I often get frustrated and discouraged so knowing that, I avoid reaching that point.  
    3. Read the passage – I often like to read through the Bible verse a few times just to make sure I didn’t miss anything and fully comprehend what it is I am reading.  Sometimes you might even catch me reading verses out loud.
    4. Interact with passage – I like to interact with my Bible, you’ll find me underline and highlighting things that stick out to me.  Sometimes I even journal part of the passage if it sticks out in my mind, pull on my heart stings or just grab my attention for whatever reason.
    5. Pray and Listen – After I feel like I understand what it is I just read I pray again that God would reveal anything further He wants to teach me.  Then comes the difficult part for me, sitting in silence and listening for Him. 
I’d be lying if I said I did this every day or even on a regular basis but when I follow these steps I have reaped great benefits and have been blessed by the Word far beyond anything I can ever comprehend. 

Have you ever felt intimidated by the Bible?  How do you approach your time in the Word?  What helps you over come the lie of not being able to understand the complex teachings of the Bible?  I’d love if you would share your thoughts and insights in the comments below.  Lets encourage each other to dive into His Word.

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  1. Wow! This is so good. I am so glad you shared this and you "went there." So many women (and men) face this. I love you friend!


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