Feb 19, 2013

Forgiveness-The Ultimate Gift

Over the last few weeks I have been amazed as I reflect on healing that has taken place in our lives.  I find myself celebrating relationships and friendships that I thought would never be restored from their states of disrepair.  As I sat reflecting and celebrating the new life of these relationships and friendships I realized there has been a lot of healing that has taken place.  There has been healing in my heart and the hearts of those specific individuals, but it's been a long process, it's taken years to get to this point.  I realize now that God has been working slowly and gently with each individual involved.  The process as been challenging, but I have seen how He has orchestrated everything together so intricately.  I am so grateful to now be able to look back and grow from the experience.

As I was walking through these struggles I found myself bitter, hurt, angry, resentful and now I can see I was full of sin.  It was hard for me to see it at the time, but now I realize I was just as much at fault for the struggles we were working through it wasn't just 'them', it was me too.  When I realized how much of a role I played in the conflict I broke down. I realized in that moment I was approaching the situation with a sense of entitlement, I thought I was in the 'right' and everyone else wasn't.  It was at that moment I realized I played a role in how the relationship had deteriorated and therefore I also had to share in carrying the burden in order to mend the relationship.  Since this revelation the concept of forgiveness has been weighing heavily on my heart.
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I knew forgiveness was necessary as part of the healing process and as difficult as it was for me to put my sinful pride aside it was such an integral part of the over all healing process.  As I walked through this privately, I couldn't help but think about the ultimate story of forgiveness...it's so beautiful yet such a breathtaking concept!  Have you ever thought about what forgiveness really means, how God intended?  Forgiveness doesn't change the past but it impacts the future, just like without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sins (Act 13:38).  The ultimate forgiveness is from God who sees us as his children, beautiful and acceptable but only because our sins, MY sins, were nailed to the cross.

I'm so grateful for God's forgiveness for my sins. I'm also grateful for God's work and the healing that has taken place within relationships and friendships in my life.  Take some time and think about a relationship or friendship that may be strained in your life.  Is there a need for forgiveness?  If so, I urge you to pray and ask God to soften your heart and walk you through the process of forgiveness and healing.  Just remember, you are only responsible for yourself.  The relationship you hope to mend may never heal in the way you'd like, even if it doesn't turn out the way you'd like, God has a way of working in your heart so you may find peace rather then hold on to resentment about the issues that brought your relationship or friendship to this point.


  1. You are so very right. The work that God does in our hearts when we choose to forgive is perhaps one of the greatest of all, as we learn to love like Him. This was a refreshing, honest read.

    Visiting from MercyInk.

  2. Christina: It is such a process, definitely not a magic, over-night thing, & how much we have to be willing to LET him work in our hearts. So glad you linked up at mercy ink... would love to have you again this week :) blessings, lauren

  3. This is beautiful. I raelly needed to hear it. We definitely all need to be reminded to just let it go, sometimes.



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