Mar 27, 2013

Surrender the Journey!

We all go through life with dreams, ambitions, goals and plans and if we delight ourselves in the Lord He will give us the desires of our hearts (Psalms 37:4).  It's safe to say if you delight in the Lord those dreams, ambitions, goals and plans have been placed on your heart for a reason!  Sometimes the desires of our heart are big and sometimes they're small but regardless of the size they don't just happen, it's a process.  Sometimes, the desires of our heart are the same as the person down the road and sometimes they are unique to you... yes you.  Either way, God has a plan for you and has known that plan even before you were in your mother's womb (Psalms 139: 13-16).
image credit Alison Burrow from A New Creation Studio
In a society that's thrives on immediate gratification the difficult part is waiting for God's timing.  Although God has placed the desires on our heart now it doesn't mean it will happen today tomorrow or even in a year.  What is the desire of your heart?  Maybe it's to be a wife and you are eager to share your life with your spouse, but right now you are single as single gets and there are no possible prospects in sight.  Maybe you have a dream to start a business but you need equipment that you can't afford and it just doesn't fit in to your budget.  Maybe you want to change careers but can't figure out what it is you're interested in pursuing and don't want to take the risk of leaving the stable career that you have worked so hard to achieve.  Or maybe, you want to be a mom, you desire so much to care and love your offspring but for some reason you aren't able to conceive and there is no indication from the doctors that there are any medical explanations.  These desires of our heart all take time, they aren't going to happen overnight.

Recently, I have been struggling with a few different desires, desires which I strongly believe have been placed on my heart by the Lord, desires that I never would have imaged possible a few short months ago.  At first I have to admit I was in shock, I wasn't sure I wanted the desires that I was feeling I tried to sweep them under the carpet and brush them off as nothing more then a pipe dream.  As hard as I tried it didn't work these desires just kept occupying my thoughts.  Finally, I surrendered them to God in prayer and received a abundant sense of peace, for me that's a big deal because these are things I had publicly said I would never do, I had surrendered the destination! Although I had surrendered the destination (the final point, marriage, career, children, business) a dear friend gently pointed out that I had not surrendered the journey.  She reminded me that God will walk along side me to get the the final destination but there is a lot to learn between here and there and if I just keep my eye on the finish line I will be missing out on a number of opportunities to grow as a daughter of Christ and strengthen my relationship with the Lord.  I have to admit the idea of surrendering the journey is not an easy one for me, I need to constantly remind myself to embrace the moment and enjoy the journey He has it all under control and I surrender it all to Him.

Are you surrendering the journey to your final destination?  I'd love if we can forge together praying for the journey's we're on in pursuit of the final destination set out by Him.

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  1. Christina, this was a super encouraging post for me, thank you! I can get really antsy and feel as though maybe I'm doing something wrong if the dreams that God has laid on my heart aren't happening NOW. This was a really good reminder to me that God cares more about our character than anything else.


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