Mar 12, 2013

When I have no Words

Do you ever sit down ready to write or pray and just can't find the words?  I know I find myself stuck in that position from time to time.  I have so many things running around in my head from moments I want to journal, to blog post idea and thoughts for prayer but when it comes to sitting down and following through I just can't seem to find the words.
image credit Margaret Barley from Floral & Frayed
What I have realized is those ideas and thoughts that are stirring around in my mind during the day are my words and although they are important to God they are mine.  In times when I am struggling for words whether it be words to write, pray or journal I find myself turning to His Word.  One of the amazing things about God is, he knows our every thought, which means sometimes our words are irrelevant to Him.  What's relevant is what He has to say to us, and if we aren't in His Word and spending time listening for His voice we may never have the words, or at least words that have value and that are honouring and glorifying to Him.

I have to remind myself as I write the words here on my blog and as I pray in my community it's not about MY words it's about HIS WORD and glorifying Him with the words he has give me!


  1. so glad i just found your blog through the influence network!
    i love this post. i'm the same way. sometimes i wonder if there's so much going on in this brain of mine that God ever understands it all! His written word is such a get away for me. so many truths and promises for me to soak up. so wonderful meeting you :)

  2. Yes! i love that verse in Matthew 10:19&20 about how the Holy Spirit speaks on our behalf. He knows the words of our hearts! love it.

  3. My first time here. And I love this post! I love it's simplicity! As I am making some conscious choices in this week prior to Easter, these words help! Thank you!


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