May 14, 2013

Ask WHAT Rather Than WHY

Have you ever gone through a time in your life where you've wondered why God would allow whatever it is to happen?  Have you ever questioned God?  Why He would allow you to go through a specific tragedy or struggle?  Although we may not be proud of it, I'm sure, at some time or another, we've all questioned God and why He is allowing things to happen in our lives.
I'm often reminded that although the decision to follow Christ was a good choice, no one every said it would be easy (Luke 1:37).  Even if we are followers of Christ, we will inevitably go through difficult times in life, we are sinners and we live in a broken world there is no way around it.  Jesus went through many difficult times and situations, and He was sent to earth as the Son of God, He was sinless, unlike any other person to set foot on this earth yet He still went through many struggles during His time here.  Do you think Jesus went around questioning why God made Him face trials and ultimately death?  I can guarantee that Jesus didn't ask the question 'Why?' once, He was faithful to His Father and trusted that he had a plan.

I suppose the question we should ask when we are going through difficult times isn't 'why' God allowed it to happen or, 'why' He is making you go through this difficult time in your life but rather we should be asking 'what', what should I be learning from this experience?  What can I do to share this story to glorify God?  When we stop thinking as though we are the victim and stop asking 'why' and shift our thinking to 'what' we will find ourselves growing from the experiences and trials like we'd never imagined possible.  When we shift our thinking we get the opportunity see the very intricate plans God has for our lives and ultimately how they all point to glorify Him.

Are you going to continue to ask 'why', or are you going to shift your thinking to ask 'what'?  I have been able to do this in my life recently, even with the small things and it's helped me appreciate how much God really is at work in all areas of my life.  It's absolutely amazing to see how He has all the fine little details all sorted out far better then I could every imagine being able to plan for myself.  I challenge you to ask 'what' rather then dwelling on the 'why'.  Embrace the opportunities that come with asking 'what', I hope you'll find it as freeing as I have.


  1. What a great post! God is so good and will never let our experiences go to waste if we allow Him to use them in our story! Have a beautiful day. XO

  2. Love this!! Totally agree!!

  3. This is a powerful post!!!! And I completely agree!


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