May 27, 2013

Beautiful Blossoms

We find ourselves in the middle of May, well into spring.  Every morning I wake up to the beautiful sound of birds singing their morning songs and the sun poking through the blinds.  Although there are things that I don't like about early spring, once in full swing I find it takes my breath away and I find myself in awe by the beautify of His creation.

It is so beautiful to see plants bud and wild life reappear.  I am always amazed at how plants seem to be barren but then suddenly when spring rolls around they are revived and have new life.  As I admire the different flowers and plants budding and blooming into beautiful blossoms I can't help but think how it resembles our relationship with God.  
Image taken by Alison Burrow at A New Creation Studio
In the winter, plants just can't grow, they don't have the necessary nourishment to promote growth.  If we apply this to our lives we may be able to think of seasons we've gone through where our relationship with God fell dormant.  This season could look different for each of us, maybe it's because you aren't reading your Bible, or maybe you have a righteous attitude about something that has happened to you and aren't at the point that you realize it's a poor attitude and therefore haven't repented. Or maybe your life is busy with 'stuff' and you aren't making God a priority.  The bottom line is we aren't getting the appropriate nourishment to grow.  If we starve ourselves of the nourishment we need to grow we become like plants in the winter, dormant, stuck in it's in a season without growth.  

As God's children His hope for us is to grow, to change, to be sanctified into a beautiful blossoms chasing after God's will for our life.  Are you providing your soul with the appropriate nourishment to promote growth in your life? 

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  1. Great post! I love the illustration you used, and it got me thinking. Definitely have times where I am lacking that nourishment and need to open up my heart for God to promote that growth!


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