May 29, 2013

Faith It's Our Oxygen

Have you ever spent time thinking about oxygen and how important it is?  It's not really one of those topics of discussion that seem to find its way into casual conversation, right?  I think it's safe to say most of us go through life taking oxygen for granted, we know it's importance and realize that it's needed to live, there is no way around it we need it.  The funny thing about oxygen is that we all know it exists and we believe in the importance of it but we can't see it.

Just like we can't live a day without oxygen, believers can't live without faith; oxygen for a Christian is faith.  We need to have faith we need to put our faith in Jesus.  Like oxygen we don't 'see' God, we see his works but we don't see Him.  Putting our faith in Him can be difficult, I know personally that although I put my faith in Jesus there were areas of my life I just didn't want to let go of, areas I wanted to control.  I lacked faith, I didn't believe that God knew what to do in those areas of my life.  What I know now since I've surrendered those areas of my life is that God knows exactly what to do with those areas I was clenching onto and keeping from Him.  Now that I have surrendered to Him and strive to put my faith in Him daily with every aspect of my life I have been freed in many different areas.
Image from Betsy at The Fancy Find
I am sure most of you have hard this analogy before; I know I'm not the first to think of the correlation between oxygen and our faith.  But today I want to ask you if you are putting your faith fully in Him?   Are you lifting up all your worries to Him?  Are you surrendering your sin at the foot of the cross?

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  1. Amen! This really speaks to me today, lately I have come to realize certain areas in my life that I haven't fully surrendered... because maybe part of me is scared, or part of me like's having 'control' of that particular area ... I now know it is really the time to pray and surrender to God ALL areas of my life!

    Thanks for this post!


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