May 22, 2013

He Will Answer My Prayers

Earlier this week I shared that I'm a dreamer but something has been stopping me from achieving my dreams, it’s fear.  As I mentioned fear has stopped me from achieving my dreams and it has had a grip on my heart and has held me back from reaching the stars.  As I think more about how I struggle with fear and how it has a grip on me, I realize that the fear I experience is not only fear of failure and rejection but also fear of disappointing the ones closest to me; these fears have been planted in my heart by the enemy.  The enemy who wants me to stay right where I am and continue to keep my dreams in my mind rather than take a leap of faith and fully trust in the Lord's plan because that would only strengthen and grow my relationship with Him.  
Image from Angela over at Living the Chaotic Life
I've prayed over the last couple of days asking for help to overcome my fears and start working toward achieving my dreams.  I have been reminded time and time again that I can do all things through Him.  Yet, I can do nothing without His help and assistance, when I accomplish my dreams I can't praise anyone or anything but the Lord because He will be the one who will help get me through, He will answer my prayers.  

I have to say, although I continue to lift my fears up in prayer I know this is something that will be a constant struggle.  Fear has found a way into many areas of my life, and it doesn't only impact me when it comes to achieving my dreams.  What I do know is that if I seek the Lord He will deliver me from my fears, He will comfort me in my times of need, He will strengthen me when I am weak, He will help me overcome fear in all areas of my life in His perfect timing.


  1. Christina- I does sound like you are struggling with this but I am so excited that you are relying on the Dream Giver and that you are turning to Him for strength and help! Praying for you girl. And I can't wait to hear more about your dreams.

  2. I definitely can relate to how you're feeling Christina. I sometimes find that fear holds me back from so many things, especially sleep. Recently someone shared with me that when we cast out fear from our life, we need to replace it with something - and that's where I so often go wrong. I can boldly cast out fear in Jesus' name, but what's left? There's like a "hole" that needs to be filled for me (I don't know if you can relate but that's my experience!)

    So what I've been trying out lately is casting out fear in Jesus' name and then replacing it with God's love, because He loves us. I literally say "fear is not allowed in my home or my heart - instead I accept God's love and promises over my life". I can't tell you how much of a difference it's made for me. I have so many fears - especially of death or illness over my family - and I know there is so much power in speaking blessings and love over our life. I hope this doesn't sound too hokey pokey! There is real spiritual power in taking hold of God's blessings!

    I think you're doing a really great thing by sharing about your fears on your blog. That's definitely a major way of overcoming them :)

  3. Thanks for sharing this! Fear has always been something that works to hold me back or keep me from sharing God's love. I find your post encouraging that I am not the only one with these thoughts, and that you continue to seek the Lord to deliver you from those fears! I will keep you in my prayers as we continue this journey to cast out fear!


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