May 3, 2013

He's not a Cold Remedy...

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Hey Friends, sorry I haven't been around much this week I have been fighting off a nasty cold.  When I'm sick with a cold I sometimes feel like I'm going to die... ok I know I am being a bit dramatic but I am not a 'good patient' especially when it comes to a simple every day cold.  For some reason the common cold kicks me in the butt big time.  I can't breath, I get achy all over, I get hot and cold flashes... ok I know it's not the end of the world it's just a silly cold and don't get me wrong I am grateful for my health as I am for the most part blessed with good health.

The reason for sharing this with you today is because as I was laying on the couch snuggling my puppy, she always knows how to make me feel better, I had this thought pop into my mind.  The concept that I can't treat God like my cold remedy medications but rather I need to invest in my relationship with Him as if he were my daily vitamins.  I know it sounds crazy but let me explain... Sometimes I find having a relationship with my Heavenly Father difficult, unlike 'in person' relationships I can't just call or text Him and get a response back or a friendly voice on the other end right??? WRONG!!!  My relationship with Him should be better then any 'in person' relationship.  Why?  Because God is never too busy to listen, He is never too busy to spend time with me, there is nothing too small or too big I can't bring to Him and He will never laugh at me, belittle me or undermine how I'm feeling or what I'm experiencing.

As I was bundled up on the couch, thinking about how crappy I was feeling and reflecting on my relationship with God I realized something... something that I'm not proud of but it's been true in my life... sometimes I go to God when I am 'sick' so He can administer temporary cold remedy medication.  It was in that moment I realized there have been season in my life that I have only turned to God when I 'needed' something and I was failing at having a meaningful healthy relationship.  As I spent some time thinking about how I've treated God like cold medication I realized that I'm the one in control of my health (physically and spiritually).  I should be as intentional in my relationship with God as I am when it comes to taking my daily multi vitamin.  Multi vitamins and other supplements are normally given to us to help keep us strong and healthy physically, when we spend time with God it does the same for our spiritual health.  If we aren't intentional in our relationships with God how can we grow to be strong healthy individuals in Him... He is a big part of that and if we are seeking Him and not spending time in prayer and in the Word then we may find ourselves in a situation of being ill and unable to heal because our bodies don't have the nutrient to nurse our souls back to health.  

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