Jun 12, 2013


Well friends today I'm celebrating my birthday.  How old am I you might ask...well that's a secret I'll never tell!  Today I grow a year older and a hopefully a year wiser.  I'm so grateful for what this year has brought, the good times, the hard times, the times of growth and celebration...so much has happened in the past year, yet it feels like it flew by so quickly.
As I celebrate this special day I remind myself that although this is my birthday I should be celebrating life every moment of every day because they are all just as valuable.  Every moment is a gift, an opportunity which we should be grateful for.

Although, today I'm celebrating the day I was brought into this world I am spending my day just like every other day, with friends and loved ones. So as I go through this day getting things done and being places I need to to be I am thanking God for the gift of life I have today.


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